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Gross now I’m just imagining Alistair covered in herbs and oil.

“Have I never…what? Licked a lamp post in winter? Seen a basilisk? Eaten jellied ham?

Covered myself in herbs and oil?”

#the right herbs the right oil it could be pretty hot

Especially if you tossed ‘im in a fire. 

Is it weird that I’m craving potato salad now?

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Schrodinger’s Templar?

Massive reply dump because fuck yeahhhh
Me too? *runs in circles* 1/22

Figure eights are a fun formation to run around in too dsfkjasdf - added!

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23 March. Like Kurosawa.

I had to look up the name but I’m still not familiar with him T-T

mahuika said: NO. YOU.





sandetiger said: It’s true, though. You BOTH ARE :D :D :D


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, with blushing Grey Wardens and cheese that is blue!

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :3

Shhhhh shhhhh wait for their reaction when the reveal comes /giggle

I just can’t oh dear god - I feel horrible but her face when she finds out ROFL


Again, from the DA Wiki…

Qunari don’t have “family units”. They don’t marry or choose partners. Qunari do not even know to whom they are related. A Qunari’s “family” are his or her coworkers.

They also don’t generally associate mating with love. They feel love. They have…

Looking into it now - thanks for the source!

There’s sort of…like a thing with DA2 that says the Blight was ended during Hawke’s first year in Kirkwall.

Hawke escapes Lothering before it is destroyed in 9:30, so it seems that Awakening and the end of Dragon Age: Origins occurs at 9:31 from this data, then.

Definitely not the same dates. The coronation took place in 9:31, most likely (I suppose this could depend on the Warden, and I’m not aware of a strict BioWare canon date). But 9:38 is the correct date for the start of TSG.
Confirmed, 9:38 in issue 1

9:38 Dragon seems to be the unanimous response here, so I’ll add that to my mock-up timeline.

I headcanon Alistair’s birth date at 9:10 Dragon, making him 20 at the beginning of Dragon Age Origins. (Nida’s birth date would be 9:05, same date as Cailan.) It’s been established that Awakening occurs six months after the Blight ends, so I figure that given the time the Warden takes to kill the Archdemon and Alistair’s coronation Awakening would have also been set at 9:31, yes?

Feel better soon!

Thank you! I’ve taken Tylenol and I’m going to sleep soon so I definitely hope it helps :x

Whaaaat waste of time. It relieves your tension, sharpens your writing, and may even cure that headache. ;D But yes, it’s the ‘REMEMBER NOT TO POST IT’ bit that’s difficult.

The reason why I have a headache is that I got my braces tightened today and therefore I have massive jaw/teeth pain right now DX I have no doubt of my writing abilities, it’s just that writing something passionate and angry is not what I need to do right now in lieu of my physical pain :x